Our Motorsport Wiring Harnesses are designed using the latest CAD tools and manufactured using the highest quality materials such as Raychem type 55 wire, DR25 and RW-200-E heatshrink sleeving, moulded boots, Autosport & Souriau connectors.

Electrical screening and various over sleeving can also be added to reduce the effects of electro magnetic interference and provide mechanical abrasion protection at high temperatures.

Motorsport Wiring Harnesses


Carbon Junction boxes & enclosures are an effective option for housing wiring, connectors and various other small components (such as sensors) fitted to Engines, gearboxes and in various areas around the chassis. The carbon enclosure can be designed using CAD tools to almost any shape allowing for a very neat, tidy & robust installation.

Carbon Junction Boxes & Enclosures High Density Motorsport connectors from Souriau