• During 2013 Racetech has been working closely with our LED chip supplier in order to develop our products even further. Having such a close relationship with the biggest manufacturer of Automotive LED lighting in the world has its advantages! We have been privileged to be the very first to test samples of the latest generation of Automotive grade Thin film LED chips. As such our headlight products are now fitted with the latest LED components which have increased intensity, reduced thermal resistance and reduced overall power consumption. Using these latest products we have developed our brand new 9LED long range Motorsport spotlight which emits a narrow angle beam of up to 500 Metres from just 35W.
  • June 2013: 7 cars running Racetech LED forward lighting at the 2013 LeMans 24Hrs
  • July 2013: Circuit tests concluded of our latest Long range Ultra high Intensity LED Spotlight
  • October 2013: Nissan unveils the new for 2014 ZEOD RC (Zero emission on demand), the worlds fastest electric racing car fitted with our LED forward lighting system.
  • June 2014: Congratulations to Jota Sport & Zytek Engineering, LMP2 winners of the 2014 LeMans 24 Hrs with the Zytek Z11SN endurance race car equipped with our LED forward lighting system.
  • July 2014: Design work begins on new custom LED solutions for the Nissan LMP1 car
  • November 2014: Congratulations to Mercedes AMG High performance powertrains for winning the 2014 F1 constructors title
  • June 2015: Racetech Harnessing invest in new Zuken E3 ECAD design software