LED Lighting Systems

In 2010 Racetech began development of an LED forward lighting system for endurance race cars. Utilising the latest automotive thin film LED chips from the Opto-semiconductor industry we have developed a range of innovative Headlight modules capable of withstanding the harsh environments of an endurance race car.

Developing these robust, efficient headlight systems is very challenging due to the various engineering disciplines incorporated within the system. Mechanical, Electronic, Thermal & Optical engineering combine in the design & development requiring a broad range of specialist knowledge, experience and not forgetting CAD tools!

Schematic capture & PCB design    MCPCB Panel for optimising thermal efficiency


Our Optical Lens design using ray trace tools such as Zemx and OSLO software     Mechanical design & 3D CAD assembly models produced in stp & Iges formats



Our current range of standard LED Headlights offer various physical sizes, light intensities and beam geometries. However, we also offer a custom service where we are able to develop headlight systems to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

LED Headlights        LED Headlights


Standard range of LED Headlights include 3LED, 5LED & 9LED with Narrow, Medium & wide angle Lens options


    GT SystemGT System


The images shown above are our “GT” system which was developed for installation in the bumper area of GT cars. Due to the lack of space within the bumper area the Headlight driver electronics (normally housed on board each headlight) are remote mounted within a specially designed “MDM” (Multi driver module) which can be mounted away from the lights. This makes each headlight shallower and allows for easier installation.
The MDM modules are CNC machined and hard anodised black with Autosport & Souriau connectors for connection to the vehicles electrical system & each headlight. These systems can be built to drive a various number of headlights – please contact us for more information.